Rock intervention

Casely-Hayford SS15
17 June 2014

The Casely-Hayford boy who emerged on yesterday’s runway stepped out with precision and energy, stripped back to reveal the core of what the brand is becoming known to stand for. That thing we speak of? It’s total, complete awareness. After all, this is no ordinary design duo, but a father-son partnership that lives and breathes the mechanics of its cultural surroundings.

To the lurching beat of Jimi Hendrix, the boys were sent out in a pure uniform (one that that the show notes paralleled with ‘normcore’, but to reiterate that here would be to whitewash a collection with more depth than that).

Here was a new exploration of English menswear cuts, looping in the anarchic via deconstructed sportswear and tailoring. An unfinished hem here, a pair of asymmetrical zips there, transforming oversized pinstriped coats from the 9-5 to the quintessentially punk.

The set of gold accents that closed the collection were true rock and roll. All considered, you’d be hard beat not to walk out of there feeling bloody well energised.

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