hoods up

Casely-Hayford FW15
12 January 2015

DJ SS, Black (VIP mix). That’s Casely-Hayford FW15 in a nutshell, an iron fist in a velvet glove (or alpaca knit). Which is why it swerved its way through Andy Amfo’s bone-rattling junglist mix also featuring Bowie’s Little Wonder and Björk at her most staggered IDM reimagining. As well as Dead Weather’s I’m Mad. Last season we had Zeppelin and Hendrix at a volume so blaring the music swaggered as much as the models.

This might sound by-the-by, but it is important. Father and son Joe and Charlie Casely-Hayford care about these things. The playlist gives a racing heartbeat to their clever collections, which nod to subculture and the things they see on the street, creating new hybrids. What’s better than one signifier? Lots of them, at the same time. They propose immaculate tensions.

Drawing inspiration from a group of runaways, seeking an alternative existence outside the narrow confines of modern city life, the mood this season was ‘techno craft’ – deflated down jackets, techno print fleece sweats, and oversized hooded knits, all with a legendary command of (DB) suiting, hand nailed Heinrich Dinkelacker shoes, green horn handcrafted Lockwood sunglasses (based on a Roman preserving method) and a smartphone charging belt with Manchester tech start-up Nifty. Yes, your belt means you will never run out of battery again. What liberty! Enough to run away on… (That’s the way you do it in 2015).

Combining tailoring prowess with a sense of grace that will make you look 10/10, as well as being interested in the world around us and so curious to push on is a rare thing. Indeed it’s a skill. It’s theirs.

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