Structural balance

Canali FW16
Fashion | 19 January 2016

Architectural dialogue laid the foundations of the Canali FW16 show. “As in architecture, every detail, both inside and out, was carefully calculated to craft the perfect balance between practicality and style,” explained Creative Director Andrea Pompilio in the show notes.

It was this delicate balance of function and aesthetic that underpinned the collection. When that configuration hits equilibrium fabric and form are free to take centre stage.

Silhouettes hugged and framed, creating drama in multiple, tailored garments that riffed with pop art discourse, whilst layering came subdued, with theatre found in carefully constructed details, rather than relying on overstated proportions. Warm earthy tones acted as both a foundation and feature, with high collar shirts accented by coloured necklines in harvest gold, burnt orange and green – think less 70s kitchen décor, more nostalgic geek-chic. With one foot placed in nostalgia the Canali FW16 man is striding forward with precision.

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