Superlative laissez-faire

Bottega Veneta FW14
By Fabien Kruszelnicki | 12 January 2014
Photography Harry Carr

The smooth sound of Beyoncé’s Superpower with the apt line ‘tough love’ filled the venue as the first looks strolled down the runway, a perfect fit for the collection – fine clothes with a strong, masculine edge.

Military olive greens set a tone of strength, and were juxtaposed by the softness and looseness of shapes. Flowing wool and flannel trouser-pants looked smart and as comfortable as pyjamas – perfect for an athletic and, later after Pimms, relaxed laissez-faire afternoon.

Fully reversible coats added versatility, and built in detachable scarves prepared you perfectly for an open-topped drive to the country home.
Jackets with wide, elasticated ribbed waists supplied a taught structure to the slightly boxy top silhouette; stylish and cool.

The accessory of the season, the ‘Gardena bag’ – a satchel with wide strap big enough to fit your lacrosse kit in – was made in part from Ostrich.
This was a collection that spoke of effortless, relaxed style. The perfect accompaniment for the day-to-day comfort of a Bottega man.

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GALLERYCatwalk images from Bottega Veneta FW14