harmonious, duality

Billy Reid SS16
17 July 2015

Texture, print, length: a melting pot of brawny ideas drove Billy Reid’s collection, with looks assembled in opposing, yet complementary forms.

Suede, short-sleeved jackets; horizontal wave-patterns on long coats; and prints of leaves to some shapes that were more abstract covered outfits from top to bottom, while others were placed deliberately adjacent to a contrasting motif. A feast for the eye.

It was the combination and positioning, however, that allowed Reid to be so expressive with his garments’ surfaces. It seemed as if there was no formula to be found so predictability was out of the question. But that was cool. Looks were covered in shapes and woven decoration, while other surfaces were conspicuously pattern-free at sporadic intervals proving his mastery over duality. From high-waisted, tailored trousers to bomber jackets and loose, flowing shirts, Reid’s concepts opposed each other with harmonious strength giving his collection a firm backbone.

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