• Text Alex James Taylor
  • 15th January 2021

Nordic know-how

While based in London, Arnar Már Jónsson – alongside his design partner Luke Stevens – takes many influences from his Icelandic heritage. For FW21, this comes in the form of a unique plant dyeing technique using the Icelandic plant Beitilying (heather, to me and you). Alongside other organic dyeing materials such as black tea and iron, natural materials – like a ripstop from Ventile and waterproof tech wool – are imbued with bold earthy tones.

When combined with cuts and shapes inspired by Nordic furniture design, there’s an ethos here that blends the natural world with the urban. Within this, resourcefulness and practicality is key: wadded linings in jackets and shirts can be reversed into puffer jackets, while tailored performance pieces promote a versatile lifestyle.