93 til infinity

Ode to optimism and blue sky dreaming: Mike Amiri brought 90s California to Paris
By Alex James Taylor | Fashion | 24 June 2022
Photographer Emily Malan

One minute you’re in Paris, in the historic Jardin des Plantes, and then the 93 til infinity hook fizzes from the speaker and transports you to 90s LA. It’d be difficult to believe if it wasn’t for the characters striding back and forth in front of your own eyes: archetypes conjured via Mike Amiri’s memory collage crafted from those formative years when the designer learnt to shoot for the stars.

It’s this landscape that informs the LA house’s latest collection. Blue skies, slight breeze, skating down Venice Beach, headphones on loud: Mike Amiri is riffing on what he knows, what he lived. Like a sun-induced daydream, the personalities of that period re-emerge, sliced and spliced into brilliant mash-ups. There’s the skater, the athlete, the rocker, the louche-y tailored night owl. Silhouettes melt in the LA sun, loose and voluminous. Pleated wide-leg trousers nod to baggy skate pants, and unstructured suiting slouches across the body, distressed and lightweight to resemble a vintage tee. Football jersey applique peels in the heat and shorts are elongated in that totally 90s way. Fantasy and reality blur as Pegasus flys across a varsity jacket and bombers become dreamscapes when adorned with crystal embellishment stars and delicate chiffon clouds.

A contemporary craft and artistry are at Amiri’s core, and here they’re flexed with Muscle Beach attitude. Intricate artisanal tapestry knits are created to replicate vintage blankets upcycled into garments, while patchworked tonal denim resembles that ethereal sea shimmer. On foot, models wear the new MA Two skate sneaker – a fresh ode to the classics. “Sophistication no longer means done up – it’s a flow, a union of casual and craft,” reads the show notes. The euphoric strings of Isaac Hayes’ Walk On By float to the sky and Paris never looked so fly. 

GALLERYBackstage images from Amiri SPRING-SUMMER-2023

GALLERYCatwalk images from Amiri SPRING-SUMMER-2023