Woodstock revisited

Amiri SS20
Fashion | 21 June 2019

AMIRI SS20 / photography by Sara Cimino

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Woodstock continues to inspire because of the attitude imbued in every feather, billowing sleeve, paisley print, and – more importantly – the people who wore them. Amiri has now reimagined the summer of ‘69 in 2019, taking its cues from the festival’s enduring counterculture community.

It’s within this narrative that the Musée des Arts Décoratifs becomes a garden populated by exotic plants and wildflowers. Here, Woodstock’s collective ideals of togetherness and love flourish via slim, relaxed tailoring as Bobby Womack’s California Dreamin’ floated across the room. Charm necklaces with feathers and trinkets swung against models’ chests like collected souvenirs, while crochet tops, Janis Joplin-esque chiffon maxi dresses and tie-dye knits featured heavily and a major tribute to Jimi Hendrix’s iconic guitar-igniting Woodstock set came through original hand-airbrushed imagery authorized in cooperation with the estate of the late musician.

The deep connection to nature and the image of music making its way over the Catskill Mountains fed into Earthy tones and pastel sunset hues, while echoes of bright purples and pinks acted like romantic key changes. Alluding to a nomadic lifestyle, large duffel bags were introduced alongside smaller leather shoulder bags that resembled guitar bodies and snare drums.

Patchwork motifs inspired by Najavo blankets met flower power embellishment as the music segued from The Doors to Led Zep. Speaking of Jim ‘Lizard King’ Morrison, see look 23: crocodile leather jacket, crochet vest and crisp white flares. Hello, we love you – indeed. 

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