Welcome warmth

19 January 2014

Walking across the snow-strewn runway, the models of AMI carried a laid back collection.

Suits were paired with sunglasses and trainers, removing formality and injecting a clean casualness. Baggy high-necked jumpers were luxuriantly warm and casual. Oversized thick knit scarves wrapped loosely around the neck, blending with the turtleneck jumpers, giving the impression of a more largely draped neckline.

Clothes were adorned with houndstooth and dotted prints. The dots were set starkly in white against black shirts, and were also used more subtly; jackets had larger dots pressed in dark grey across lighter background, noticeable only up close.

These neutral tones were interjected with a vibrantly bright red, used as a full look. Against the backdrop of camel, black, white, and grey, these touches brought welcome warmth.

Outerwear pieces were embellished with shearling collars and double-zipped detailing. Nuzzlingly warm collars and streetwear style zips all conveyed a casual feeling.

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