Lego men

Agi + Sam FW15
12 January 2015

Agi Mdumulla furthered his fashion studies by learning from tailors in Soho, and Sam Cotton studied illustration, so it’s no surprise that Agi & Sam’s FW15 collection again utilises these skills and furthers their aim to push the limits – but just so. 

The heavy use of primary colours could be a play on the concept for the collection, which was born from rediscovered drawings of clothes Agi designed at the age of four, titled ‘Coolman’. Inspired by a child’s perception of fashion, Agi & Sam sought to create garments with interchangeable components. The clothes are distressed just enough for their deliberate deconstruction to be obvious; remodeling pockets to look like zip-lock bags and loose stitching. Without looking unfinished, but undone, the way a child would throw on a jacket, tie a jumper around their waist, or wear a skirt over the top of pants. There are no rules. Long-line coats were covered or accented by childlike scribble and splashes of colour, with many grey coats sporting varied and random patchwork patterns.

They’ve even teamed up with Jaeger on some exclusive bold knitwear. Models wore clusters of Lego on their face, sometimes as eyewear, and other times covering their mouth. At one point, the entire face was covered; the model wearing a black polo neck, black trousers, and a bright red geometric print blazer. Child’s play for the modern man. 

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