Fast lane

1017 Alyx 9sm SS23 took place in an abandoned swimming pool
By Bailey Slater | Fashion | 18 June 2022

Abandoned pools are perfect for filming angsty music videos (shout out Best Coast), or providing cliff-hanging endings to blockbuster Netflix sci-fi dramas. But for SS23, these vacant spaces, once the scene of your fondest childhood memories, are now populated by clumpy moss piles and crumbling tiles: providing a sense of off-kilter nostalgia that sets the stage for Alyx’s latest runway.

The show started with models in white head wraps and loose vests. This loose silhouetted uniform, fit for a stylish nomad, comprised of white leather tunics, studded collars and shiny patent seams. Moto-jackets came next, embossed with shoulder grooves and Alyx insignia, a functional flatness in each calf-hugging hemline.

Flourishes of neon disrupted the otherwise tranquil palette of black and white, with pops of Fluro-yellow poking out of knee-length jackets, and bubble-gum pinks creating gnashed textures with ruched mini-dresses and strappy, nun-chuck handbags. Denim was loose, deconstructed, boasting pockets on knees or in place of side seams. Louche asymmetry was the key to it all, cutting and revealing slashed stomachs, falling from tied necks, revealing slender shoulders. Founder and artistic director Matthew M. Williams closed the breezy proceedings with a cheeky peace sign, a nod to the brand’s latest logo tees that also give cheers to summertime relaxation (or revolution?).

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