Rear Window

Vetements has collaborated with Levi’s on bottoms that flash your bare butt
By Nazanin Shahnavaz | Fashion | 13 April 2017

Photograph by Pierre-Ange Carlotti © VETEMENTS / IDEA, 2016

From Alexander McQueen’s iconic FW95 bumster trousers to Rei Kawakubo’s bulbous SS97 padded bottoms, whenever the posterior makes a fashion cameo it never fails to cause sensation. Now, Paris (soon Zürich) based fashion collective Vetements has taken the focus south of the waist line in their debut denim collaboration with Levi’s.

The French fashion provocateurs took to Instagram to share a sneak-peek of the new range. Reminiscent of fetish wear the #VetementsxLevi jeans not only feature zippers down the backs of the legs, but also a zipper down the centre-back seem, worn undone to reveal the plump flesh of the derrière.

Vetements x Levi’s Bare Butt Jeans. Image courtesy of Instagram @vetements_official

Could it be the dawn of a dubious new denim trend? Maybe, maybe not. After all, indie streetwear brand Aries were back-zipping jeans last year and we’ve not seen much bum-flashing since. Though when a cult global player like Vetements unveils a new collection, certain elements do tend to go viral. Just take those unexpected details – patchwork denim, uneven and frayed hemlines, and off-kilter pockets – that are currently enjoying a full-force reincarnation everywhere from Etsy to the high street. Watch this space (in trepidation).

Vetements x Levi’s Bare Butt Jeans. Image courtesy of Instagram @vetements_official

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