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Top image: Kate Moss, 1994 Harper’s Bazaar © Peter Lindbergh (Courtesy of Peter Lindbergh, Paris / Gagosian Gallery)

Legendary photographer Peter Lindbergh has spoken out against selfies and Photoshop, criticising the artificial and unrealistic images they can both create.

As reported on artnet, speaking to press ahead of his retrospective exhibition From Fashion to Reality at Kunsthalle Munich, Lindbergh criticised selfies (“I think that selfies are actually pretty much the stupidest thing that there is at all”), before speaking out against photographers who create unrealistic images of women, saying that his field has “gone to the dogs” due to the excessive use of editing software such as Photoshop. 

Known for his black and white images of iconic supermodels, in 40 years of activity Lindbergh has long aligned himself as a determined opponent of retouching, instead embracing the evolution of beauty and challenging society’s ideals. 

What makes Lindbergh’s work even more unique is the way he portrays his subjects – whether models, actors or street cast – by highlighting spontaneity without excess or retouch he went against the aesthetic of the time and carved a refreshing aesthetic. “When someone has the courage to be themselves, that is beautiful,” he said, noting that Photoshop can create unrealistic images and can “reduce a person to nothing.”

From Fashion To Reality’ runs at the Kunsthalle Munich from today until 27th August.