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Having ripped apart every local venue ten times over, earlier this month NYC quartet The Britanys crossed the Atlantic and brought their rock ‘n’ roll romp to British shores for the first time.

Arriving prepared – the band released their new EP, Five A Side, shortly before the tour began – the East Coast natives brought their A-game, playing four raucous nights across the capital and leaving us craving more. Packing a camera in their luggage, the band kindly made us a photo album documenting their London adventures. From tasting defeat watching Leyton Orient get thrashed at home, to sampling the city’s delicacies (ie. a 3am Dalston kebab shop special), the band truly lived the British lifestyle during their time here.

Here’s their tour photo diary.

How did the tour go?
It was great! Every night had a good crowd and all the bands were great. We’re kind of sad to be back home.

These were your first UK gigs, right? Did you notice any differences in the audiences compared to the US?
Yeah, it was our first go! I’d say the main difference we noticed was that people perhaps moved less during songs but were more enthusiastic as listeners.

What were some of your favourite places you visited whilst you were here? Any little gems you found?
We had lots of Nandos and kebabs [laughs]. We went to a lot of good pubs and cheap food spots. Steele and Jake went to see Leyton Orient, which was their first time at an FA cup game. We really wanted to go to a Wetherspoons, but sadly didn’t get the chance. A friend showed us the Instagram account @Wetherspoonscarpets though, which I guess is the next best thing.

Did anything surprise you about London?
It was a lot cleaner than New York, which was kind of a surprise. I guess few places are as full of trash as NYC [laughs]. Nothing too wild happened. We kept saying we wanted to see a proper pub fight where someone got glassed but it didn’t happen sadly. We were shooting with our friend Pooneh though and these local street toughs who were walking by smashed a few bottles on a passing bus as they stared us down.

You played with lots of different bands whilst you were here, were there any that stood out for you?
We thought every band we played with were really good. It was really nice sharing bills with bands we hadn’t met and being really into their sets. The Americas, Honeymoon, 485C, and Communions. As well as the friends we played with like SAP and The Gypsy Cabs. There must be something in your water that just makes people shred.

What’s next for you guys?
We’re going down to Austin for SXSW in a week or so, and after that we’ll be looking to spend more time on the road and record some new material.