Fitting tribute

New York City renames intersection ‘Bill Cunningham Corner’
By Victoriana Toolan | Art | 7 July 2016


Top image: Bill Cunningham Corner. Photo by Anthony Delmund via New York Daily news (2016)

New York, Midtown Manhattan between 57th Street and Fifth Avenue is where the newly entitled Bill Cunningham Corner stands. In a moving tribute to the legendary photographer who sadly passed away late last month, the junction was a favourite spot for Cunningham as he scouted the vibrant street styles passing by.

Top image: Still, ‘Bill Cunningham New York’ (2010) Zeitgeist Films

At, over 6,000 individuals petitioned to rename the street corner after him. Yesterday, crowds gathered at this particular spot to commemorate and remember the late photographer. New York’s first lady, Chirlane McCray spoke on behalf of her husband, Mayor Bill de Blasio, to the people of New York, “Bill Cunningham saw the style and beauty of all of our city’s citizens, capturing the looks of fashion models and bankers, grandmothers and college students with his vivid photos.” 

For now the honour is only temporary as permanent street renamings require City Council legislation, however Cunningham’s long-time acquaintance Nick Nicholson said that officials are working with him for a fixed memorial.


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