EU referendum 2016

London designer Matthew Miller on why the baby boomers can shove it
By James West | Current affairs | 21 June 2016

Matthew Miller tells us why the UK needs to stay in the EU

If you haven’t heard, there’s a pretty important vote this week in the UK: whether to stay or leave the EU.

As part of our EU referendum series we are bringing you the voices of some of London’s most relevant designers. Today it’s Matthew Miller.

And if you’re still not really sure what it’s all about anyway, then read this very good BBC guide.

HERO: Are you voting in or out?
Matthew Miller: In! There is actual no valid reason for leaving, just right wing extremist views on migration and employment and unemployment and general. When a migrant comes to these shores with no training and not being able to speak the language, takes your job… Good on them, as you’re just basically shite!

HERO: What’s the most important message you think this generation needs to hear about voting in our out?
MM: I think my generation needs to understand that this vote will affect us the most, we will have to live with the consequences far longer than any of the older generations. The baby boomer generation have their houses, pensions and education. And now they want to ruin the one last thing! One last thing to take away!

“They’ve ruined the housing market, destroyed any kind of social mobility through the commodification of education and now they want out of the EU. Our united Europe! A free Europe! With no borders! The baby boomers can go and fuck themselves!”

HERO: What’s the biggest consequence you think is at stake from the vote?
Matthew Miller: Freedom and peace!

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