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Lou Dalton: Leaving the EU will threaten stability
By James West | Current affairs | 22 June 2016

Lou Dalton tells us why the UK must stay in the EU

This week in the run up to the EU referendum on 23rd in the UK, we’re bringing you opinions straight from London’s most relevant menswear designers.

Today, we bring you the voice of Lou Dalton. And if you’re still not really sure what it’s all about anyway, then read this very good BBC guide.

HERO: Are you voting in or out?
Lou Dalton: IN, because as an owner of a small/medium enterprise I’m principally concerned with the potential outcome an exit will have on my business. The uncertainty of a future outside of the EU is likely to have a significant impact on the market, reducing confidence in the short term and could threaten future stability. It has the potential to weaken the relationships I have with both my suppliers, who are predominantly in the EU, and global customers where we could end up with weakened trade deals as a result of being a smaller player on the global stage.

HERO: What’s the most important message you think this generation needs to hear about voting in our out?
LD: This is a once in a generation opportunity, the result of which will leave a legacy that will last for generations. Therefore everybody needs to use their vote for what is likely to be the most significant political decision they will ever get to make. Whatever the outcome this will determine the long term future for this country.

“Everybody needs to use their vote for what is likely to be the most significant political decision they will ever get to make.”

HERO: What’s the biggest consequence you think is at stake from the vote?
LD: Recent national and international events and the reactions to them appear to show an increasing intolerance and divisiveness across the UK. I feel a vote out might further strengthen these views and discriminatory actions, whereas a vote in would be a strong message of unity and an acceptance that we are the same and not different. It would enforce the belief that the problems we face should be tackled together and not by turning our backs on others when decisions get difficult.

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