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Christopher Shannon tells us why he’s against Brexit
By James West | Current affairs | 20 June 2016

Three days to go, Christopher Shannon tells us why the UK must remain in the EU

If you’re in the UK and still unsure whether to vote in or out at the EU referendum on 23rd June, let’s make it simple: vote IN. Today, with three days until the vote, London designer Christopher Shannon explains why IN makes more sense.

And if you’re still not really sure what it’s all about anyway (which is understandable given the magnitude of heavy-on-spin and light-on-fact propaganda arriving through letterboxes) then read this very good BBC guide.

Most importantly – don’t forget to vote!

HERO: Are you voting in/out and why?
Christopher Shannon: Of course IN. I cannot see one benefit of not being in, I’m more scared of Britain at the minute than I am of Europe.

HERO: What’s the most important message you think this generation needs to hear about voting in our out?
CS: That the good old days never existed so harping back to a fantasy nostalgia is of no use to anyone.

“I don’t believe in segregation in any shape, surely as a race with all our differences the only way to move forward is together.”

HERO: What’s the biggest consequence you think is at stake from the vote?
CS: That Europe hates Britain more than it does already, and that future generations don’t have the benefits of European rights which in many cases are more progressive than UK ones. Also do people really think that when we leave some giant golden wall will rise around the country and there will be palaces for everyone?  I work in a international business, my team and my colleagues are from all over the world as are our customers. There is nothing beneficial for fashion as an industry to leave the EU.

Backstage at Christopher Shannon SS17


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