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The next wave of photographers-to-watch show us what they’ve got in a new exhibition
By Lewis Firth | Art | 18 April 2016

‘They Watch the Moon’, 2010 © Trevor Paglen. Courtesy of the artist.

Top image:’They Watch the Moon’, 2010 © Trevor Paglen. Courtesy of the artist.

Since 1996, The Photographers’ Gallery has been awarding living photographers, irrespective of their place of birth, for bodies of work that have contributed significantly to the photographic community and its progression. Deutsche Borse Gröup partnered with the Gallery back in 2005, providing recipients a prize of £30,000.

Laura El-Tantawy, Erik Kessels, Trevor Paglen and Tobias Zielony are part of the shortlist for the 2016 prize, and works by each artist are being shown as part of the parallel exhibition until July 3rd. The winner will be announced on 2nd June.

Tobias Zielony

Tobias Zielony portrays the tumultuous lives of African refugees who have moved and reside in Europe in the search for freedom and security to avoid iterations of oppression from their homes. Instead they find exclusion, existing on the edges of society as outsiders in camps, with no legal representation or eligibility to work.

Tobias Zielony
The Citizen, 2015
© Tobias Zielony
Courtesy of KOW Berlin, Lia Rumma, Naples and the artist

‘The Citizen’, 2015 © Tobias Zielony. Courtesy of KOW Berlin, Lia Rumma, Naples and the artist.

Trevor Paglen

Secrets are the focus in Trevor Paglen’s work, an understanding that traces are left and structures, although made off-limits, are still visible. Paglen’s photography touches on mass surveillance, data collection, drones, and satellite’s and their power of control.

Trevor Paglen They Watch the Moon, 2010 © Trevor Paglen Courtesy of the artist

‘KEYHOLE 12-3 (IMPROVED CRYSTAL) Optical, Reconnaissance Satellite Near Scorpio (USA 129)’, 2007 © Trevor Paglen. Courtesy of the artist.

Erik Kessels

An unassembled Fiat 500 Topolino becomes a tangible representation of Erik Kessels’ father’s condition, having suffered from a stroke. Photos of his father, along with the car parts, are paired to reflect upon life and ending and their accompanying qualities.

‘Unfinished Father’, 2015 © Erik Kessels. Courtesy of the artist.

‘Unfinished Father’, 2015 © Erik Kessels. Courtesy of the artist.

Laura El-Tantawy

El-Tantawy’s images puts focus on the uprising in Tahrir Square, Cairo, capturing the emotive and violent scenes that encapsulate the nation’s disdain for its current government.

‘Faces of a Revolution #7: Safeya’s Tears’, 2012, (22 February 2012, Cairo, Egypt) © Laura El-Tantawy. Courtesy of the artist.

Women of Tahrir
June 28, 2013
Cairo, Egypt

The exhibition runs until 3rd July 2016 at The Photographers’ Gallery, 16-18 Ramillies Street, London, W1F 7LW

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