Culture clash

Supreme’s new collaboration with Sasquatchfabrix blends cultures to reflect social conditions
By Lewis Firth | Fashion | 11 April 2016

Courtesy of Supreme®/Sasquatchfabrix

Top image: courtesy of Supreme®/Sasquatchfabrix

Supreme has announced their newest collaboration with Japanese brand, Sasquatchfabrix, creating a collection for release this spring.

World War II’s outcome brought some huge changes: cultures were forcibly mashed together, geopolitical oppositions were thrown out and creativity benefitted on both sides of the Pacific. Daisuke Yokoyama, founder of Sasquatchfabrix, focuses on these intersectional changes. Social conditions from both Japan and Western entities (like America) has stimulated the label’s aesthetic to much acclaim in Tokyo.

Henten coats and shirts, hakama shorts, slip on shoes, bell hats, chino pants, long-sleeved T-shirts, and folding fans are some of the pieces available in the line-up — mixed silhouettes with signifiers belonging to either brand’s geographical birthplace.

Courtesy of Supreme®/Sasquatchfabrix

Pieces are available for purchase in store at Supreme’s New York, LA, London and Paris sites, as well as online, from April 14th, and in Japan April 16th.

Courtesy of Supreme®/Sasquatchfabrix

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