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Gucci are set to merge their men’s and women’s lines from 2017
By Lewis Firth | Fashion | 6 April 2016

On Tuesday, Gucci announced that it will be showing both the men’s and women’s collections together from 2017, streamlining the business and presenting a unified vision.

Specifics from the change were not made clear. However, the company told Reuters that ‘it was likely to be during women’s Fashion Week’, with Gucci’s Creative Director, Alessandro Michele, explaining that it won’t ‘necessarily [be] an easy path and will certainly present some challenges.’

Tom Ford, Vetements, Paul Smith and Burberry all recently declared a shift in execution due to their distaste with the current “antiquated” system in February. Instead, they’ll be dropping the traditional seasonal structure and exhibiting only two collections per year (February and September), which will be available immediately after showing.

Around the same time, however, Kering SA (Gucci’s parent company) said that they’d not do the same: they want to keep the “see now, buy later” system.

Two distinct directions of change and development, but head-strong progression nonetheless.


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