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Listen to Astrid Andersen’s FW16 extended show soundtrack mix by Brodinski
By Lewis Firth | Fashion | 10 January 2016

London Collections: Men is well under way. Second day in and Astrid has shown her FW16. Last season she joined forces with rap-star A$AP Ferg on a track and music video with the help of Red Bull Catwalk Studios (which celebrates its 5th birthday this year) here in London.

Brodinski has been Astrid’s collaborator this season. And you may not have heard of him – unless you’ve listened to his debut album, Brava, which is really good – but him and his label partner’s (Gesaffelstein) producing talents are well-known and present in many killer albums. (Take Kanye West’s Yeezus: that’s just one.)

Andersen’s creative direction is thorough. Music – specifically hip-hop – is a large chunk of her aesthetic. It’s an extension to her clothes – more than that, they symbiotically coexist. One dead without the other. FW16 sees Astrid and Brodinski create a 45-min mix (available now to download through Soundcloud) that supplements her sharp athleticism and hip-hop creations. Check it out.

Lewis Firth: What were the main influences for the mix?
Astrid Andersen: This season was just about things that I feel connected to and the Velvet Rope album by Janet is one of the biggest albums of my life. I really dreamed of mixing that rawness with Brodinski’s universe.

LF: Last season you created your own track with A$AP Ferg to notch your collection; what kind of creative process have you and Brodinski taken to create the mix?
AA: I have know Brodi for a while so I knew his energy as a person and creative; I was so honoured that he had the time to work on this with me. Thanks to Red Bull Catwalk Studio for setting this up it was the easiest mix I have ever done. I sent him my references and he sent me a playlist and it just synced up instantly. I’m so blown away by his ability to tap into my comments and create exactly what I was dreaming, some things that I couldn’t fully explain. Just watching him edit and create new sounds from the mix was truly inspiring.

LF: And you worked with A$AP Ferg from last season: how did it differ with Brodinski?
AA: Working with Ferg was different in the way that we created a vision together, and the idea of that vision, and the process was almost more important then the result. Here Brodi and I link up and share ideas and it was a very intuitive process. The mix becomes a conversation between two creatives when it’s played alongside my collection.

LF: Brodinski has had incredible experiences in producing – such as co-producing with Kanye West on Yeezus – so how has that, along with his distinct blends of musical genres, helped you create a mix to enhance your collection and its core references?
AA: Once you realise just how much he creates you are blown away; chatting through playlists with him where he introduces you to artists from all over the world that he helps produce beats for is really a privilege. It’s a privilege to get to work with someone who is that passionate and true in his heart with what he does; he is influencing artists all over the world: a pioneer in sound. I feel like I told him very few references and he knew how to translate this into a stronger, more powerful way that I could have ever thought of.

Track Listing

1. Bricc Baby Feat. Kanobby – Figure Me Out (Prod. By Sam Tiba & Kanobby)
2. Sister City – Blood Mind
3. Brodinski Feat. Peewee Longway – Cheddah (VIP)
4. Kohh – パリ(Sam Tiba Remix)
5. With You. – Snaps
6. Richelle – Circular Motion 2015
7. Shy Glizzy – Woah (Prod. By Brodinski)
8. Tommy Kruise – Ramen
9. Brodinski – Can’t Help Myself Remix Feat. Bloody Jay
10. Maelstrom – Arteries
11. Jeff Chery – Power (Prod. by Sam Tiba)
12. Gener8ion – The New International Sound
13. Kamixlo – Paleta
14. Bricc Baby – Choppa Music (Prod. By Richelle & Cosmic Revenge)
15. 8tm – Airport

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