Bad David

Gorillaz give the ultimate Instagram tease, collaborating with David Bowie?
By Lewis Firth | Music | 7 December 2015

Courtesy of Jamie Hewlett/Gorillaz

Top image: courtesy of Jamie Hewlett/Gorillaz.

For some time now Jamie Hewlett – co-founder of Gorillaz, along with Damon Albarn – has been dropping hints on his Instagram about their impending new album, which is set for release next year.

By the far the biggest drop was yesterday: ‘Bad David,’ the caption read – an indicator to a Gorillaz one-track alliance with the inimitable David Bowie.

‘Bad David’, courtesy of Jamie Hewlett/Gorillaz

Hewlett is the mastermind behind Gorillaz’ brilliant, graphical DNA with all four virtual members – 2D, Murdoc, Russel and Noodle – easily identifiable by pretty much every millennial. Bowie may be the next to join the lads and Noodle, perhaps?

Members of the Gorillaz gang have all aged a little and been revamped: Hewlett, in the past year, has been posting new shots of Russell and Noodle. Check’ em out.

‘2D’, courtesy of Jamie Hewlett/Gorillaz

‘Russell’, courtesy of Jamie Hewlett/Gorillaz

‘Noodle’, courtesy of Jamie Hewlett/Gorillaz

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