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Hate is the new zine challenging society’s dangerous apathy
By Alex James Taylor | Art | 31 August 2015
Top image: Photo by Lydia Ourahmane
Founded by co-Editors Luisa Le Voguer Couyet and Scarlett Carlos Clarke, Hate is a new four-monthly zine created with the intention of promoting nascent artists and creatives, an accessible platform to voice their ideas.

Tired of the apathy they saw before them, Couyet and Clarke set about curating a set of contributors who shared their vision. With a determined DIY ethos and bold design Hate challenges the accepted norm, adding a provoking, unique voice to contemporary, societal discourse.

Available to buy pre-order now, Issue 1 features a diverse range of contributors, including work from renowned British artist Tim Noble, Jeffrey Lewis’ top five albums  and a head to head interview between Fat White Family frontman Lias Saoudi and musical provocateur Ian F. Svenonius.  Hate also boasts Pam Hogg, Paul Fryer and author Daniel Pinchbeck on the contributors list, amongst others.

We spoke to co-editor – and regular HERO contributor – Luisa Le Vogeur Couyet to get the lowdown.


Alex James Taylor: Can you give us a brief description of Hate?
Luisa Le Voguer Couyet: Hate zine is edited by myself and my friend Scarlett. There are a lot of reasons to hate how the world is being run right now, there is a sense of apathy amongst our generation, in response to this we wanted to produce something humorous. Hate includes different mediums of expression; photography, illustration, writing.

AJT: What made you want to set it up and what made you choose to do a zine?
LLVC: We wanted to set it up because no one was publishing the kind of things we wanted to see. Once we realised that we could actually do a zine ourselves it became a very real possibility. Having total control over our content is vital.

AJT: You speak about giving a voice to young emerging cr​​eatives, do you believe that these voices often get pushed under by established names?
LLVC: The work speaks for itself, obviously we would like to give a voice to young emerging writers and artists, and we don’t think that they will get pushed under by any of the established names featured. People our age rarely become ‘established’ at anything, as we simply haven’t had the chance or been given the opportunity.

AJT: What can we expect to see in the first issue?
LLVC: We have artwork from Tim Noble, Paul Fryer, Dan Mitchell, Lydia Ourahmane, Delilah Holliday, John Holcroft, Darren Cullen and Henry Hudson, amongst others. Interviews with author Daniel Pinchbeck, editor of the Nervemeter Kieron Livingstone, Azzi Glasser and director Jonas Ackerlund, the girls behind Look At This Pussy, and Lias Saoudi interviews Ian Svenonius of The Make-Up. Jeffrey Lewis has written a piece about his favourite albums, we have an essay by Vida Adamczewski, and a communist colouring-in page by Ruairi Egan. Photography by Alex Sainsbury, Tom Beard, Sophie Wedgwood and Scarlett.

AJT: Where do you see it going? What do you hope to achieve from it?
LLVC: We want to make people laugh, we also want to make people think.

AJT: You’re having a launch this week. What’s the line up?
LLVC: The Fat White Family and The Homosexuals are playing, Jemma Carnell is DJ-ing.

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