Dutch rapper Freddy Tratlehner talks turning super villain for Sam de Jong’s new film
By Evan Goodfellow | Film+TV | 11 August 2015
Photography Elza Jo van Reenen

Prince, 2015. Photography Dim Balsem

Dutch rapper Freddy Tratlehner has had a busy year, celebrating the 10-year anniversary of his band De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig (Kids These Days), refocusing his clothing line Tratlehner, and acting in his first feature film, Prince. The new Dutch film features Freddy as a treacherous local gangster who seeks to lure the main character, 17-year-old Ayoub, into the criminal underworld. Slick cinematography in what is the first feature film from music video director Sam de Jong. In light of the film’s release this week we caught up with Freddy to talk fast cars and fat days.


Evan Goodfellow: So the movie, Prince!
Freddy Trahtlener: Yeah, my friend Sam de Jong made it. He’s 27 and from the north side of Amsterdam as well, where they shot the movie.

EG: Were you hesitant at all when he asked you to be in it?
FT: No, he was talking about doing the movie for quite a while, and we have been friends for a couple of years. He told me he was going to do the movie, and he explained the script and everything and then I said, “I want to be in it. Yeah, okay.” And then we actually created a really different character, sort of a Dutch Antilles character with a gold hat. Then we threw that overboard because it didn’t really work. Then Sam came up with this crazy cliché mafia blonde guy. I had to bleach my hair and my eyebrows so that was fun [laughs].

EG: You get to drive a Lamborghini in the movie?
FT: Yeah that was good, and I got to shoot a gun, I got to fuck somebody’s mom, I got to do some drugs… it was all good.

EG: How was driving the Lamborghini?
FT: It was okay. It’s like this thin layer between the car and the ground. Because it’s so light, it feels strange. You expect expensive stuff – at  least machinery – to be heavy. Like if you pick up a really good camera, it’s probably really heavy. It was quite the opposite. Everything was really thin and hot. It was cool. Of course I loved the Lamborghini.

EG: I heard you do a creepy voice in the movie?
FT: Yeah there is a creepy voice. I took some of my friends’ creepiness when they are high or drunk, borrowed some of their movements and mimicked them for the character and added some of my craziness.

Freddy Trahlener, photography Elza Jo van Reenen

EG: How’s the band going? Are you guys still making music?
FT: Yeah, definitely! We have still been making music. We had our 10-year anniversary. We celebrated it big. We had a book published, with 10 years of pictures and stories. We did two crazy big gigs in Heineken Music Hall, which is the second biggest venue in Amsterdam, and we did a bunch of festivals, and now we are coming out with a new album in October. How have you been?

EG: I’ve been good, skateboarding and going to the gym.
FT: You’ve been working out?

EG: Yeah, I’ve been trying to get in shape. It’s really hard when you get older. You gotta be careful, it’s coming for you Freddy!
FT: It’s already here man.

EG: Are you fighting against it or embracing it?
FT: I have my fat periods. Like we just went to Austria, and I was eating as much as I could. They had this Käsekrainer and it’s liquid cheese in the sausage, and then they wrap the sausage with bacon. It’s so good.

Prince opens in UK cinemas 14th August


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