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Allah-Las’ Field Day Diary: The headlining LA band take us backstage
Music | 10 June 2015
Photography Sean Carpenter.

Top gallery: Photos by Allah-Las and crew taken at Field Day 2015

It is often said that the 60s ended abruptly on that ill-fated evening at Altamont in 1969. For Allah-Las the sound of the swinging decade transcends far beyond that infamous marker. They embody the sensibilities of those years, personifying those psychedelic, progressive grooves first conceived by the likes of Brian Jones and Roky Erickson.

Allah-Las’ 2012 debut eponymous album first introduced us to the quartet’s heliophilic aesthetic, set upon LA’s golden beaches the reverb ridden melodies stretch out, all sun kissed and starry-eyed. Fast forward two years and the band hit us with an equally impressive follow up album Worship the Sun, that defining Californian romanticism was still ever present, however they’d left sea washed sandy beaches behind for a soul-searching pilgrimage into the baked desert, towards the more profound regions of psychedelia.

This weekend London was treated to a ripper set from the band at Field Day Sunday so we felt it was only fitting to get down, shoot the show and pass these visually-led guys (check their Instagram) a Polaroid camera so they could document the whole thing. They got right into it and we thank them kindly. Enjoy.

Photo by Sean Carpenter

Allah-Las. Photo by Sean Carpenter

With thanks to The Impossible Project

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