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Sunstack Jones: Glimmering, breezy soundscapes from the Liverpool band putting their music first
By Matthew Liam Fogg | Music | 23 March 2015
Photography Amy Gwatkin
Fashion Vincent Levy.

Top image left to right: Lorkan wears jacket by KENZO SS15; sweater by DKNY SS15; his own jeans and shoes; Chris wears jacket from LEVI’S; his own shirt, jeans and shoes; Richard wears jacket by NEIL BARRETT SS15; shoes from DR. MARTENS; his own trousers; Dan wears jacket by CERRUTI 1881; his own t-shirt, shirt, jeans and shoes

Taken from HERO 12: Darkness Falls

“I’m tired, but I don’t want to sleep right now,” elucidates Chris Jones amongst the enchanting guitars of Circular Sun. The song, nestled in the middle of Sunstack Jones’ recently released summer LP Roam, is a glimmering example of the group’s songwriting dexterity first showcased in their debut full-length Sure Fire Ways to Sweeten the Mind, released in 2012.

Both aforementioned records have been self-released via their makeshift label Mammoth Bell. “It was the only option available to us really and we just wanted to get it out there,” explains Jones. “In five years time we’ll probably have a bunch of records out, you’d think at some point someone will pick up on it and help us get it out there on a wider scale.”

The group’s impassioned belief in what they are doing has ensured their colourful melodies do in fact reach the surface. Unapologetically this band prefer holing up in the studio to work on new material rather than taking their music on the road – which may partly explain the measured discovery of their art. “It’d drive me mad though, man, playing the same songs over and over,” Jones explains. “We’ve only done a handful of gigs promoting Roam, but had we done any more we would have just ended up playing our new stuff anyway.”

Whilst a scarcity of live shows may be disappointing, their prowess is perceptible in their music’s very creation. Dipped in A Storm in Heaven- era The Verve hypnotism with swirling lead guitar, against the breezy backdrop of walls of rolling acoustic strumming, it’s a sound that naturally and effortlessly paves the way for frontman Chris Jones’ vocals.

“We just always wanted to make albums really, we weren’t really bothered about playing gigs as there’s so many of them for people to choose from. By not pressuring ourselves generally or into doing loads of gigs, the writing has just happened to come really easily.”

Listeners can be safe in the knowledge that Sunstack Jones are a group with an invigorating attitude, they will continue to do what they believe in, their way. “As long as we like it, that’s what’s important, and this might sound awful, but I can’t understand why anyone would think it was anything less than really good.”

Sunstack Jones’ latest album Roam is out now on Mammoth Bell. Find more at the band’s website and follow them on SoundCloud, Facebook and Twitter

Additional image credits: Photo assistant NATHAN CHANDLER; special thanks to CAMP AND FURNACE


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