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Vivienne Westwood and Opening Ceremony collaborate on a capsule of reworked Worlds End originals
Fashion | 6 February 2015

Vivienne Westwood’s legendary Worlds End boutique has stood at 430 Kings Road since 1980. Before that there was Let It Rock, Sex and Seditionaries, and it was here that Vivienne Westwood and the late Malcolm McLaren butted heads, using clothing as a medium to channel their political ideas – in the process creating a DIY, unisex uniform for youth reeling in the wake of punk. Now, Westwood has joined with Opening Ceremony to collaborate on an exclusive capsule collection of reworked Worlds End pieces.

To mine the strongest pieces from one of the most culturally impactive fashion archives in history is a mammoth task – and one we confronted in our Issue 12 Worlds End story. To do so whilst hanging onto the electric energy that has over the years made Worlds End such a unique entity? Tough. In keeping it simple and, importantly, gender neutral, Westwood and Opening Ceremony creative heads Humberto Leon and Carol Lim have done well.

In the collection you’ll find everything from the Drunken Anarchy Shirt (Spring Summer 2010) back to a reworking of one of the most key Seditionaries garments, the Anarchy shirt (1976). There’s the Savage Jumper (Spring Summer 1982), reissued in cotton knit with a geometric pattern derived from Native American Indian saddlebags. The Pirate Trousers from the original 1981 Pirate collection make an appearance, and for your feet there’s the reissued Tongue Trainer. The style, supposedly the first ever trainer to appear on a catwalk, traces back to the Witches collection (Autumn/Winter 1983-1984).

The Vivienne Westwood Worlds End X Opening Ceremony Capsule Collection will be available from 9th February exclusively in the Opening Ceremony New York and Los Angeles stores and at Worlds End, 430 Kings Road, London SW10 0LJ

Check out our full Worlds End archive shoot and interview with its master Murray Blewett, from the new issue of HERO, here

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