A New Vision

Seán McGirr’s debut Alexander McQueen campaign is here
By Barry Pierce | Fashion | 10 July 2024

Seán McGirr’s debut campaign as creative director of Alexander McQueen has dropped and it is a tribute to the city that was a major influence on both McGirr and McQueen — London. “McQueen is a London-born brand and has always represented an idea of London that I’m deeply attached to,” says Seán McGirr of his FW24 campaign. It has a very visceral kind of energy, driven by the eclectic cast of characters you see here. I want to bring that energy to life with the rigour and raw feeling that makes the city’s air hum.”



Set against the backdrop of East London, the area of the city that Alexander McQueen saw as an inspiration for his groundbreaking designs, the campaign captures the renegade glamour of the city’s youth — the diverse characters navigating concrete banks and sprawling streets, seeking its primal pleasures. Photographed by Glen Luchford, the campaign features outfits from McGirr’s debut runway collection for McQueen, such as the “smashed chandelier” dress and the Hoof boots.

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