God Save The Team

Corbin Shaw has a message for the England squad and supporters
By Alex James Taylor | Art | 14 June 2024

Today’s the day: Euros 2024 begins and the nation’s dented and bruised hopes lay in the hands of Gareth Southgate and his team. With another tournament on the horizon – and the inevitable highs and lows – British artist Corbin Shaw is doing his bit for the team, decorating the UK streets with customised St George’s Cross flags that display the message ‘GOD SAVE THE TEAM’.

Located in cities including London, Bristol, Manchester, Birmingham and Shaw’s home of Sheffield, the flags carry meaning on and off the pitch: celebrating the diversity and representation of the England team while encouraging a wider sense of community, celebration and humanity. Euro 2020 saw abhorrent racist abuse received by Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka after missing penalties against Italy in the final.

“‘GOD SAVE THE TEAM’ is about treating the lads as humans,” says Shaw, “remembering that when the eventual elimination from the tournament comes, we need to protect them. It’s about everyone looking after each other, not just in football but in general. Especially in these times of referendums, awful Tory parties and awful Labour parties, it’s important to look after one another. And these boys, this England team, is one of the very few things you can point to as a form of national pride.”

Corbin Shaw’s GOD SAVE THE TEAM is created in collaboration with BUILDHOLLYWOOD.


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