Amen Dunes Takeover: Quick-fire round
Music | 17 May 2024

This week marks the release of Amen Dunes’ much-anticipated new record, Death Jokes. Marking the occasion, we’ve invited the US musician to take over HERO online, curating a series of exclusive content that offers a unique insight into his sonic world.

Finally, we round-off the Amen Dunes takeover with a quick-fire round. This is when the real Amen Dunes comes out, the one who fears burning alive, loves the smell of lemons and kills it at karaoke with a Bronski Beat classic.

Dusk or Dawn? Dusk. Still or sparkling? Still, definitely. Earliest memory? Looking out my window at Philidelphia at night onto the street listening to the cars. Go-to karaoke song? Why? by Brokski Beat. Which song do you like to open with at your gigs? Probably with the Death Jokes track. Beach or city? Beach. Digital or analogue? Both. How do you like your coffee? Almond Milk. What song makes you feel in love? None. Best festival you’ve played? Kraak in Belgium, it sadly doesn’t exist quite the same. Last album you listened to? The Breeders’ Pod. What’s your biggest fear? Burning in a fire. Which film have you seen the most? Probably My Dinner with Andre. Best way to begin writing a song? Wait until you feel good. If you were to time travel, where would you go? Ancient Egypt. Most personal track on Death Jokes? Probably Mary Anne. Most memorable gig you’ve attended? There’s this Canadian black metal band called Akitsa, and I saw them perform in Chinatown and it was so good. What smell makes you feel alive? Lemons. Would you say you’re a good dancer? Yeah. Last book you read? It’s been a while… Peter Matheson’s Far Tortuga. Sunlight or moonlight? Moonlight, I hate the sun. Favourite instrument you own? Gibson SG Junior. Favourite drink? Water. How do you want your new album to make people feel? Curious. Favourite artist? I don’t like visual art so much, but I like the Sistine Chapel.


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