Heart Racer

Video exclusive: Baba Ali’s new track will get your beat pulsing and palms sweating
By Alex James Taylor | Music | 24 April 2024

London duo Baba Ali return with a new track that slams hard on the accelerator. Titled Heart Racer, the single is accompanied by an equally hotrod video exclusively premiered above. Sounding like Alan Vega and looking like a Gregg Araki, Heart Racer‘s guerilla-style Ashley Rommelrath-directed video features Baba Ali – Baba Doherty and Nik Balchin – on a nocturnal prowl through the shadowy turns of South London, dressed exclusively in Celine. The motorik beat mirrors a racing heart – building, pounding, building, pounding – as Doherty’s echoed purrs speak of high-speed-kink: ‘“Hold tight, on my stick-shift. Crank the volume up. Drive.”

“In the early demo, we actually used the road sounds from outside as samples and eventually these sounds transformed into guitar and synth riffs,” Doherty tells us. “Heart Racer then emerged as this demented speed demon character at the driving wheel, flying forward at breakneck pace and indulging in a seductive mix of raw freedom and danger.”

GALLERY'Heart Racer' stills, dir. Ashley Rommelrath

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Baba Ali are supporting The Kills at London’s Troxy on 1st May.

Baba Ali / photography by Emma Jones


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