Spelling bee

Dan Levy and Aubrey Plaza teach you how to say Loewe
By Barry Pierce | Fashion | 28 March 2024

For many years now, knowing how to pronounce Loewe has been an easy way of identifying those who think they know their fashion from those who really know their fashion. Even though it’s only five letters, Loewe is a minefield of vowels and contains a pernicious W that, if you weren’t aware that Enrique Loewe y Roessberg was German, you’d naturally pronounce in the traditional way. But in German Ws are pronounced like Vs in English, hence — LO-WEH-VAY.

But don’t take our word for it, Loewe are seemingly over everyone pronouncing the brand’s name wrong too. In a new video, starring award-winning actors Dan Levy and Aubrey Plaza, Loewe poke fun at their famously unpronounceable name. Set over the course of several spelling bees, where “Loewe” repeatedly slips up the contestants (all played by Aubrey Plaza who wears several iconic pieces from the Loewe archives, of course), the Decades of Confusion short film should be the final word in Loewe’s pronunciation worries.

So, come on everyone, let’s practise — Lo-Weh-Vay…Lo-Weh-Vay…

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