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Cartier’s celebrates 100 years of Trinity with a star-studded campaign
Fashion | 26 March 2024

Cartier’s iconic Trinity collection – defined by three intertwined rose, white and yellow gold bands, celebrates its 100th anniversary this year. With this comes a new campaign showcasing the Trinity line featuring Cartier ambassadors Paul Mescal, JISOO, Yara Shahidi, Jackson Wang and Labrinth. Together, these artistic voices symbolise Cartier’s commitment to craft and community.

“Trinity to me embodies friendship, love and kindness. It’s an absolute honour to be a part of this campaign,” says Mescal of starring in the campaign, while award-winning US actor Yara Shahidi explains that, to her, Trinity represents an “emblem of connectivity and love which is so fitting, as my own life is a result of the deep love I’ve felt from my community of support.”


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