To the gardens

Dior’s 2025 Cruise collection will be shown in Scotland
By Barry Pierce | Fashion | 14 March 2024

Scotland’s famous Drummond Castle Gardens, near Crieff, Perth and Kinross, which date back to 1630 and are described as ‘one of Europe’s most important and impressive formal gardens’. Oct 13 2022

Dior are heading to Scotland for 2025 Cruise, presenting the collection in the gardens of Drummond Castle in Perthshire on June 3rd.

The gardens at Drummond Castle are arguably more famous than the castle itself. There have been gardens on the site since at least the late 1400s and the current layout, which was drawn up in the 1830s, is often regarded as one of the finest in Europe. They’ve also had a new-found fame recently thanks to the show Outlander, where the gardens double for the grounds of Versailles.

Dior’s Cruise collection has always been a globetrotting affair. For the 2024 collection the house journeyed to Mexico City to present a show inspired by Frida Kahlo, one of Maria Grazia’s idols. 2023’s show took place in the heart of Seville, offering an ode to Spain and the stylings of flamenco dancing. While in 2022, we went to Athens and in 2021, Puglia.

Of course, there’s always method to the glorious madness of these nomadic shows. Monsieur Dior always had an affinity for Scotland. In fact, one of the ensembles from Dior’s first-ever haute-couture show (FW47) was called Écosse, the French name for Scotland. A couple of years later, for SS55, Monsieur Dior held a ball in the nearby Gleneagles Hotel, perhaps the most famous hotel in the country. And there is no doubt that Dior himself would be more than pleased to see the Cruise collection taking place in the award-winning gardens at Drummond Castle, his love of gardening famously equalling his love of haute couture.

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