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Saint Laurent knows what you want for Valentine’s Day
By Barry Pierce | Fashion | 12 February 2024

For their latest campaign, titled Heart of Gold, Anthony Vaccarello and Saint Laurent Rive Driote have curated a selection of brand new lifestyle products. Some pieces appear in collaboration with various brands, such as a limited-edition brushed aluminium ‘Wheel’ turntable made with Dutch manufacturer Miniot, as well as a new collaboration with Neolegend,
 a specialist in the manufacturing of retro gaming products, that will release an exclusive cocktail table arcade machine
 that combines minimalist design with 80s retro games. 

To celebrate Valentine’s, the campaign features a range of handbags and leather goods, such as the 5 à 7 supple, the Icare maxi shopping bag, the Calypso, the Gaby mini vanity, and the 37 bucket in a new micro size, as well as lifestyle products such as an iPhone case with a chain strap, vintage t-shirts, a tote bag,
 and a selection of vintage bracelets and earrings. 

All products from the campaign will be available in Saint Laurent Rive Droite Los Angeles and on YSL.com


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