City skipping

Gucci’s next Cruise show is in London
5 February 2024

Gucci is travelling to London to present Sabato De Sarno’s Cruise 2025 collection.

Set to be unveiled on 13th May, the choice of location “pays tribute to Gucci’s profound connection to the British capital.” Here’s the history behind it: in 1897, a young Guccio Gucci worked as a luggage porter and liftboy at London’s iconic Savoy Hotel, carrying guests’ luggage to their suites. It’s this experience that inspired him to begin working in luggage craft, founding his eponymous leather-goods house in 1921.

So De Sarno’s decision to show his Cruise 2025 collection in London is a moment to not only pay tribute to the house’s roots, but also to take his new Gucci on the road. We look forward to finding out where the show will take place – answers on a postcard.



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