The Curious Case of Moshkirk & Booness

Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY’s 10 year collection was bananas
By Barry Pierce | Fashion | 24 January 2024

2024 sees the tenth anniversary of Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY and for his FW24 collection, Jeffrey premiered a film of the collection at Silencio des Prés during Paris Fashion Week. Titled The Curious Case of Moshkirk & Booness, the collection speaks to “the rebellious spirits of a revived subculture that lives on strong to this day.”

As you’d expect with Charles Jeffrey, there’s a whole storyline to the collection. Whilst the collection was being designed, scraps of paper were found with the following scrawled on them:

“Something strange was happening. Clothes were moving, wriggling, and even making sounds, some even started to grow eyes, arms, and legs. Bags grew tongues, boots grew legs, hats even grew ears. All the clothes started developing these labels that read ‘Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY’, with this wee monster underneath.”

These were apparently the words of Magnus McPewitt, a fictional eighteen-year-old from the old Scottish village of Moshkirk. What followed was a tale of meteors, punks, and Margaret Thatcher. All very Charles Jeffrey.

The collection drew on the punk aesthetic with its tartans and frays, featured a loud Jackson Pollock-like pattern on jackets, trousers and skirts, and, naturally, a yellow suit with a banana peeling from the shoulder.




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