Ancora Milano

Gucci releases a photo book documenting Milanese culture
Fashion | 11 January 2024

Mirroring his debut season, Sabato De Sarno has released Gucci Prospettive 2: Ancora Milano, the second volume of his photography book series which began with a study of Italian fashion. This season, the Gucci designer presents a deepdive into Milanese culture and its creative expressions.

Curated by architect and design curator Paola Antonelli, the book offers images of Milan’s buildings, spaces, objects and people, creating an architectural and cross-cultural portrait of the Italian city Gucci calls home. “We were inspired by the idea of frictions and attritions, contrasting flashes of brutalism with visions of commercial, entrepreneurial and industrial refinement, exploring the clichés of bourgeois elegance without discounting the more complex and radical nuances that make it quintessentially Milanese,” explains Antonelli.


No doubt these references will feed into De Sarno’s debut menswear collection for Gucci, which is set to be presented on Friday 12th January, opening Milan Fashion Week Men’s – stay tuned for our coverage.

Fabio Natta, Elvira Pavesi
Via Bartolomeo D’Alviano, palazzo residenziale / residential building, Milano, 2019
Foto / photo © Fabio Natta, Elvira Pavesi


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