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Balmain have collaborated with Ant Kai on a new Unicorn sneaker
By Barry Pierce | Fashion | 7 December 2023

Balmain’s chunky and funky Unicorn sneakers have become an icon of the house, an ultra-modern flourish to the classic French brand. To celebrate the Unicorn’s success, Balmain has collaborated with Ant Kai, an American artist celebrated for his extraordinary inventiveness in creating custom sneakers, to bring a fresh and dynamic spin to the best-selling Unicorn.

Working initially from a blank Unicorn sneaker, Ant Kai worked around the product to customise and morph the sneaker with his own design. One part of this limited-edition collaboration will see Balmain release a one-of-a-kind, special Unicorn sneaker, which will be available exclusively at the new Atlanta flagship of the Parisian house, as well as online. This unique Unicorn will showcase the distinctive flair of Ant Kai while underlining the remarkably streamlined silhouette of Balmain’s luxury footwear.

The partnership with Ant Kai highlights Balmain’s long history of embracing diverse talents and fresh perspectives, helping to spotlight the house’s long and extraordinary history of rebellion and innovation.

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