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Sacai and Mercedes-AMG team up for a full-throttle capsule collection
By Barry Pierce | Fashion | 15 November 2023

On the face of it, you mightn’t think that Sacai and Mercedes-AMG have much in common, but there is a shared ethos between the two companies. They are both progressive but timeless, performance-led but casual, traditional but innovative. Suddenly, news of their collaboration makes a perfect sense.

The two brands have teamed-up to produce a capsule collection inspired by the Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL 6.8 AMG, or as it is affectionately known, the Red Pig. The story of the Red Pig is one of triumph. In 1971, it was seen as the underdog at the annual 24 Hours of Spa racing event, where riders repeatedly circuit the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps racing track in Belgium for 24 hours. The Red Pig, which was a full-size luxury sedan, was seen to be totally unsuited to this test of endurance. But yet, against the odds, it finished in 2nd place.


Using the story of the Red Pig, the Sacai x Mercedes-AMG capsule collection will mark the first occasion that the Japanese fashion label has collaborated with a luxury automobile brand. The pieces are a perfect mix of the two brands, seeing dynamic badges emblazoned across everything from blousons and t-shirts to tote bags and a jumpsuit, which are direct reinterpretations of the Red Pig’s motifs through Sacai’s design codes. The design of the garments and accessories were approached as an intellectual exercise and every piece is imbued with signature meaning and intention.

Complementing the capsule collection is a bespoke wrap for the all-new Mercedes-AMG GT, also designed by Sacai and unveiled at AMG Speed City, which completes a new creative interpretation of the Red Pig’s design codes. In the spirit of Sacai’s masterful craft and textural play, the Red Pig’s motifs have once again been abstracted and given three-dimensional form. The result is a mirrored-chrome skin, with the original badges and shapes embossed on the surface of the GT.

The Sacai x AMG capsule collection is available at AMG Speed City in Las Vegas, USA until 12 noon on Friday 17th November 2023, and exclusively on Nordstrom.com.

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