What’re you waiting for

You only have 72 hours to buy the new Off-White Kit Capsule – and the clock is ticking!
By Barry Pierce | Fashion | 8 November 2023

There’s exclusive, and then there’s a capsule collection that’s only available within a 72 hour window. Off-White, in an attempt to really keep their customers on their toes, dropped a brand new capsule collection on November 7th and will stop selling it on the 10th. The collection, titled Off-White KIT, consists of tees, hoodies, and New Era caps dedicated to cultural epicentres whose personalities have played key roles in the brand’s community since day one and which host Off-White flagship stores: Milan, Paris, New York, Miami, and Las Vegas.

Each city is honoured with its own kit, in which its respective icons combine with signature Off-White codes to celebrate the creative minds who collaborated with Abloh and the brand over the past decade and who left a lasting impact on the community.

The Off-White KIT is available exclusively from November 7th at 6pm CET to 10th at 6pm CET 2023, with in-store events at Off-White stores in Milan, Paris, New York, Miami, and Las Vegas, as well as on www.off—white.com.



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