Ancora, Ancora, Ancora

Mark Ronson’s viral remix for Gucci’s SS24 show is now on streaming
By Barry Pierce | Music | 19 October 2023

Though it is often reiterated that fashion shows are meant to be just about the clothes (false), over the decades catwalks have become fully fledged theatrical productions. Everything from the location, the staging, the sets, and the music are painstakingly planned. Never are these elements meant to upstage the collections, but it’s hard to predict what will stick and what won’t on the Internet.

Take for example the soundtrack to Sabato de Sarno’s recent debut collection for Gucci. On the runway we saw a bold new direction for the Italian house, more reminiscent of the sexiness of the Tom Ford years than the flamboyance of the Alessandro Michele years. But, what was that song playing? Why does it go so hard? Well, you can thank Sabato for that.

The song, a Mark Ronson remix of the classic 1970s Italian track Ancora, ancora, ancora by Mina, went viral soon after the catwalk ended. The enthusiasm for it has been so great that it’s now been reissued with brand new cover art in the Gucci Rosso Ancora shade of red.

Mark Ronson said of the remix — “I had never heard the iconic Ancora, ancora, ancora by Mina before Sabato told me he wanted to use it as the main track for his debut as creative director of Gucci. What a song. I immediately fell in love with her voice, the passion and desire, of the beautiful orchestral arrangement… It was a joy to work on it.”

Ancora, ancora, ancora (Mark Ronson Remix) by Mina is available to stream on all platforms now.

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