Hit the dials

Fender’s Tone Master Pro is a one-stop guitar pedal for fuzz, buzz and wah-wahs
By Alex James Taylor | Music | 3 October 2023

Imagine being able to switch between hundreds of iconic amp sounds, mixes, tones, and effects with the flick of a switch, or the kick of a pedal. This is what Fender‘s pioneering new Tone Master Pro multi-effects system offers guitar players.

Offering endless creative possibilities, the Tone Master Pro is a real game changer, simplifying sprawling pedal set-ups into one portable piece of equipment. Harnessing the capabilities of renowned amplifiers and effects from various manufacturers, iconic vintage amp sounds are meticulously replicated and reborn alongside innovative tonal soundscapes and effects, offering the player total creative freedom to experiment and explore. So whether you’re a reverb surfer or a Wah-wah rider, there’s a setting for you.

“The Fender Tone Master Series is the result of extensive research and development focused on achieving one clear objective: to replicate the world’s most revered amplifiers and effects, integrating all the modern features and functionalities that today’s musicians demand,” says Max Gutnik, SVP of Products at FMIC.

“Today, we embark on the next chapter in the Tone Master lineage with Fender’s first no-compromise multi-effects guitar workstation. With [the] renowned sound quality of the Tone Master series, an intuitively powerful interface and a comprehensive set of inputs and outputs, the Tone Master Pro stands out as the ultimate guitar processor in terms of tone, dynamics, power, and user-friendliness. We’re eagerly looking forward to witnessing and experiencing the Tone Master Pro on stages and in studios across the globe!”


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