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Hamilton watches are worn by the cast of Oppenheimer
By Barry Pierce | Fashion | 19 July 2023

Still, ‘Oppenheimer’ dir. Christopher Nolan, 2023

It’s well known that Christopher Nolan has an immaculate eye for detail when it comes to constructing his blockbusters, but did you know that this obsessiveness goes all the way down to even the specific watches that his characters wear?

In Oppenheimer, Nolan’s latest film and likely to be one of the most acclaimed films of the year, Nolan worked closely with the heritage watch brand Hamilton. To achieve the highest level of period accuracy and expression of character, vintage timepieces were selected to adorn the wrists of three of the film’s central characters: J. Robert Oppenheimer, Katherine “Kitty” Oppenheimer and Lieutenant General Leslie Groves, Jr., played by Cillian Murphy, Emily Blunt, and Matt Damon respectively.

So, when you’re being bowled over by the huge spectacle of Oppenheimer, don’t forget to have a peak at the timepieces, or else you might miss out such classic pieces as the 14k gold Lady Hamilton A-2 from 1947 and the Art Deco styling of the Cushion B.

Hamilton’s relationship with film runs deep, having appeared in over 450 major feature films, including Nolan’s Interstellar, Live and Let Die, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Men in Black and, perhaps most famously, worn by Elvis Presley in musical comedy Blue Hawaii.

Hit play on the below video to see BTS clips from the filming of Oppenheimer as Nolan speaks about the importance of time within the narrative.

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