Dylan Sprouse is the HERO Summer Zine 7 cover star
1 July 2023
Photographer Hugh Lippe

HERO Summer Zine 7 – Dylan Sprouse

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THE HERO SUMMER ZINE 7 has arrived – summer’s officially here.

ON THE COVER – At 30 years old, Dylan Sprouse is playing the Hollywood game his way. His most recent projects: an indie project created with his friends [The Duel] and getting absolutely shredded for the all-action Beautiful Disaster. Photographed by Hugh Lippe and styled by Jermaine Daley, Sprouse is in conversation with best bud and acclaimed musician King Princess, talking Nordic mythology, Samurai swords and creating art with integrity.

“If you’d asked me ten years ago if the guy most people thought was the kind of hefty, silly goose was going to start doing action movies, I would’ve told you, “Fuck no.'”


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