Orphaned Works

Inside the dark, twisted art exhibition of Enfants Riches Déprimés designer Henri Alexander Levy
By Alex James Taylor | Art | 29 June 2023

Henri Alexander Levy, designer of cult brand Enfants Riches Déprimés has opened a new exhibition in Paris’ Galeirie Raphaël Durazzo. Titled Orphaned Works, the show consists of 24 works on paper and large-scale paintings by the artist-slash-designer.

Like his collection designs, his artwork scratches at dark impulses, confronting traumas by embracing a pure and minimalistic chaos. Inspired by the outsider aesthetic of Art brut, Levy’s practice works on instinct, mixing mediums, textures and layers to form rich, expressive compositions that come together in the moment. Dark figures are splashed with ink, collaged words are scribbled and crossed out, and paint oozes from a pitch-black background.

One fan of Levy’s work is Courtney Love, who said this about the exhibition: “His elegantly executed paintings and sketches belie an artist at war —with himself and the darkness he tries to dig out of his tormented psyche. An obliterated face of a young boy, erasing innocence, love inextricably tied to pain and punishment. He creates from inside the eye of a hurricane, and there is no relief from the blood red streaks in the palettes. Henri is one of those rare artists – in his fashion line and his fine art — who is not afraid to push himself and his work to the edge of a precipice, consequences be damned. I keep telling him if he ever falls off that cliff I’m not going with him.”


Orphaned Works is available for view at Galerie Raphael Durazzo, 23 Rue Du Cirque, until 4th July.

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