Allegiance sworn

The HERO alternative coronation playlist – cheers to being royally fucked
Current affairs | 6 May 2023

On Saturday 6th May, the United Kingdom will coronate a new monarch, King Charles III. For this ceremonial day, gold carriages will carry the anointed one and over £100 million of tax-payers money will be funnelled into this antiquated day of vomit-inducing pageantry and pomp – in the middle of a cost-of-living crisis that sees many industries striking for pay and the least fortunate struggle more than ever, no less. Excuse us for not being overcome with national pride. While the nation’s major media channels will overfloweth with odes to our regal leaders, we wanted to offer up our own sonic (anti) tribute to Charles and the clan. Hit play and swear your allegiance to being royally shafted.

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