Grace Wales Bonner will design costumes for Wayne McGregor’s latest dance production
Art | 14 April 2023

Fresh off the news that award-winning British choreographer Wayne McGregor is set to collaborate with Burberry designer Daniel Lee, McGregor continues to redefine creative collaboration by announcing a new project between National Youth Dance Company and designer Grace Wales Bonner.

Marking the dance company’s tenth anniversary, Wales Bonner is set to design custom costumes for McGregor’s latest project, Novacene, which premieres this Saturday at The Lowry in Salford before relocating to Sadler’s Wells Theatre, London, in June, followed by a UK tour. This year’s National Youth Dance Company roster consists of 34 young dancers from 19 towns and cities across the country. During their time with NYDC, dancers are offered a unique insight into the dance profession, living and working closely together as a company, providing them with the vital skills, aspirations and confidence to find career opportunities.

On the collaboration, McGregor says: “NYDC is delighted to be collaborating with Grace Wales Bonner and her team for Novacene – a new dance work that celebrates the dynamic and breathtakingly individual talents of the company. As Guest Artistic Director this year, I wanted these young artists to experience the full range of creative power that converges to create work. Grace’s imagination, style and contemporary vision speaks to us all and having her and the team work hands on with our young artists is nothing short of inspirational.

New voices, new dance, NYDC artists are leading the way to an evolving and inspirational fresh dance sceneThe passion and optimism these dancers emit is infectious. If we ever need reminding why humans dance – you can feel it with them every day in the studio. It’s totally exhilarating. We are all extremely excited to see where these artists decide to take their own work and hope to be a continual part of that journey for them in whatever way we can nurture and support. New voices, new dance, NYDC artists are leading the way to an evolving and inspirational fresh dance scene.”

“I have always been inspired by the rich and expressive gestures of dance in designing silhouettes,” replies Wales Bonner, “so it has been a great pleasure to collaborate with NYDC and Wayne McGregor. I hope these custom Wales Bonner pieces allow the young artists to shine with their full individuality and energy.’

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