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Disgraced Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes loses bid to stay out of prison
Current affairs | 12 April 2023

Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes is set to begin her prison sentence later this month after a federal judge denied her request to remain free while she appeals her conviction.

Once hailed as the world’s youngest self-made billionaire, Holmes was sentenced to more than eleven years in prison last November after she was convicted on multiple charges of defrauding investors while running her blood testing stat-up Theranos. Claiming revolutionary technology that could check for dozens of diseases at once on a single drop of blood, Theranos was valued at $9bn before a 2015 Wall Street Journal article reported the technology’s claims to be unfounded. The company quickly came crashing down as Holmes was revealed as a fraudster and arrested.

Holmes’ astonishing rise and fall has inspired a slew of documentaries, podcasts, and TV dramas, including award-winning series The Dropout, in which HEROINE 17 cover star Amanda Seyfried won an Emmy for her incredible portrayal of Holmes. On transforming herself for the role Seyfried told fellow actor and friend James Norton, “My responsibility was to ground it… to show another angle, to humanise her, not to excuse her. That’s what we do as actors, we’re humanising these people, if we don’t then there’s no point, it becomes a caricature and that’s not what I was doing. I didn’t excuse anything she did and I certainly had some trouble playing these moments. Did I show some darkness? For sure, because she can’t exist without it – we all have darkness.”

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